battlefield 3 bots mod

04 Nov battlefield 3 bots mod

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. dammmn D: what mods is there beside Knife only (its not mod but what type gameplay :D), Dice I will keep begging for lot of us want the bot modes back...please please please....put it in a dlc and I will buy it, its so borring when my internet is out and i can only play campain :(. O3O. This page was created to express the need for bots (AI in multiplayer-style modes) in Battlefield 3, most likely in the form of DLC. I don't think so,Just look at the bots in Red Orchestra in practice mode,AI in games isn't quite good yet. Considering how terrible the single player is, I would really prefer bots for a chance to get the rust off after not playing for a while. No it wouldnt be possible with bots, EVER!!! In BF 2 the maps were scaled down to 16 player size so the bots could navigate better. When DICE announced that BF3 would be a return to PC roots, I really thought that meant the game would have an offline bot mode like all of the games before bad company did. I dunno, I think you did fall for the hype. I got exactly what I wanted and enjoy the hell outta the game. I drink beer every time I play just to endure to the crappiness it brings.with_teeth26. I feel the same way after 40 hours. Why? I know a lot of people are for some reason totally against the rest of us being able to enjoy bot matches, but those people can get stuffed. Over 60 hours and it's pure trash compared to BF2 and even BC2. I would LOVE a larger, improved co-op expansion that adds new missions or a horde mode, but mostly I REALLY freaking want a Back to Bad Company pack that brings back the best Rush maps, since Rush in BF3 is kinda bleh (especially with how extra awesome Conquest is in Karkand). EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY CREDITED, NO WEAPON, VEHICLE OR GEAR MANUFACTURER IS AFFILIATED WITH OR HAS SPONSORED OR ENDORSED THIS GAME. Thanks for the suggestion, guys! BF3 maps seems so traverse with obstacles, that an AI in multiplayer would look like a 6yearold got on the keyboard. Maybe its bots? The game makes me so angry for some reason, its no fun at all. Delete your account and go buy a new copy of BF3 if it bothers you that much, Otherwise find something better to cry about and Shut up... So i was wondering if there is any chance of them getting out a bot version multiplayer.......(crossed fingerz) :D Regards,Diwash, I highly doubt it. Is there bot mod in pc like in bf2? will get the same points ?? Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill, Bill Nye the Science guy! I think the game would be better with bots. so if we kill bots ? I totally support offline bots in all Shooter games whether they be FPS, 3RDPS, and especially Tactical and Strategic Shooters. The BF Bad Company games had a good campaign and characters you just fell in love with but I am going to be honest, Battlefield 3's campaign sucked. Thread is locked. O3O. bots need to come back to battlefield. Previous Battlefields already had them. I think there are a few reasons they didn't add bots: 1. Intel Core i5 3570k, HD7970, 8gb Kingston HyperX, Corsair Force GT, Corsair 800GS, NZXT LEXA red.... Nope, since this game was made to console it was not included, even thou every other bf games had it, excluding the bc seriers which imo is not true bf games. There's only one single good thing about BF 3, the graphics, no more, no less. I'll pass it along. But if you use BF2SPALL or AIExtended, the bots are awesome. Hopefully some type of offline mode can eventually put in with the same types of mods to help the bots. 2012-01-21 02:43 so yeah is there players vs bots (computer) and not the co-op like serious fight 20-64players against ALOT BOTS SO IS THERE GUYS? The always online DRM simply wouldn't allow for any kind of offline mode. i agree. Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser! This page was created to express the need for bots (AI in multiplayer-style modes) in Battlefield 3, most likely in the form of DLC. amen.

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