ffbe unit ranking jp

04 Nov ffbe unit ranking jp

+40% ATK w/ Katana, Sword and/or Spear & +50% Mag/Phys Dmg vs Humans & Grant: Move this up a tier if you really like LV. There are currently 155 units in the ranking, listed from highest to lowest. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of good Knuckle users which is why this sits at a C rank for now. Unconditional +60% ATK & Beast/Spirit/Undead killer, count me in! Disclaimer: Not all STMRs within a tier are equal. This element-less katana is perfect as it stands since katana users generally have element imbuing skills in their kits, this is absolutely huge for the current meta & a must grab for anyone looking to use Citan/Auron/Sephiroth or Akstar himself. Funny thing about that whip: the skill is a chaining move with the same frames as Zidane's. Getting 4 of these won't help TDW units, not to mention Nagi boosts a better STMR for hybrids/TDW units. One of the highest ATK accessories, also provides extra survivability to your damage dealer. STILL one of the most powerful TMRs in the game in terms of damage increase - no longer worth pulling/UoC for in JP due to Kyanos (4* unit) having pretty much an identical TMR (50% LB damage instead of 55%). Gravie's TMR gives 70% ATK when equipped w/ Katana & Clothes (which you will most definitely be equipping), so it's hard to move Seph's STMR up. It has a nice mixture of stats, but really only used for parameter missions. Since then, so much has changed in FFBE JP, especially in the leaps the powercreep has given. 200% buffs + 80% breaks + party fire imbue + 150% fire imperil. Gut could come in pretty clutch, but 80% is still too much of a gamble to be relying on it completely. Come to our server! This STMR is an upgrade from CG Lasswell's since it gives +20% ATK & Man Eater+, and it helps that new katana users such as Auron & Citan himself already have elemental imbued skills in their kit. Slightly outdated with all the new LB Fill rate TMR/STMRs being released lately, but still very useful on LB oriented support units. Literally said "Holy Shit...". Although STMRs are considered as whale territory, that's only if you're aiming for multiple STMRs. Extra survivability on my bard is always nice, but it's not a priority by any means. Sorry Lenneth bae, have to dump this here since Ang's TMR is almost as good as yours, and GL is like 8 months behind. Compared to Excalibur, it's SS. Now that parameter missions are much easier with stat cap increases, it won't see much usage. Wind version of Nal's STMR, BiS for himself - would be in S Tier if there were more spear users. ), so this is a huge for summoners. +34 ATK, +34 DEF, +24 SPR, Resist Dark(80%), +173 ATK & +75% Phys/Mag Damage vs Dragon. It caps the chain by the 3th hit if chained with a dupe whip user (including the first hit that is the base of the chain). Unit search. +50% DEF/SPR, +60% Thunder/Water/Light Resist, +32 DEF, +44 MAG, +78 SPR & +20% Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water Resist & Increase Summon Damage by 20%. +30% DEF/+50% HP & +100% DEF after HP drops below 80%. Unconditional 60% ATK is fantastic already on its own, but this also provides 100% LB rate & Machine Killer. Also gives a TON of MP which is nice, but MP should no longer be an issue at this point in the game. Please let me know if there's anything you disagree with, or if there's anything (or anyone) that I've missed. P.S. This, (Two-Handed) +175 ATK, Thunder Element (+50% Accuracy, Variance: 1x~1.5x). Alternatively, you can also obtain a STMR by fusing two of the same 7★ units - this is actually recommended in JP for the expert missions that counts how many 7★ units you've awakened (you also get an extra TMR container for fusing this way). Extra Esper stats are nice, but 150% LB refill is insane on just about everyone with a LB. It's currently on the lower tier of S IMO since Greatsword users aren't in the best position, but I have no doubt they'll make a come back eventually. The 1.3x LB damage is still huge for anyone that can take advantage of it, and this weapon will still has uses against lightning weak enemies. Sadly TDW caps at 100% atm so there's no point stacking these, which severely limits the damage potential of TDW units. Not going to go too Ham here, but I don't understand some of your logic. . +12 ATK +110 MAG +150 SPR & +30% Increase Summon Damage. +40 MAG, +40 SPR, Auto-Regen (Auto Cast ST 60 HP Heal With 1.2X Mod Every Turn) & +40% MAG/SPR, +30 ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR & +30% All Ele Resists. . 3rd highest MAG Rod in the game, also makes the MP parameter mission a joke. +30 DEF, +72 MAG, +72 SPR, MP +30% (+30% MP), Auto-Refresh (Recover 5% MP per Turn), Resist Sleep(100%), Resist Paralyze(100%). Absolute game changers, definitely worth pulling and fusing 4 of these fuckers, Game changing enough to make you think about pulling 4 for their STMR. BiS for himself since he also has a +30% DEF innate passive when equipped with Light Armors though most other physical tanks only have +DEF passives when equipped with Heavy Armors. I don't have him, can anyone confirm whether the skill can be used by Estark only? +50% ATK, +30% Esper Stats & +15% HP/MP w/ Swords. Strict upgrade from Beatrix's STMR, very useful for some big epeen Zack builds. They can always make a Elephim for different element and even more effects (regen, refresh, mitigation), Simply lower the buff by 10 or 20% and bring imperils effect. Confused as to why Orlandeau is only A. Eliphim also has her weaknesses... she doesn't have any heal or revival capabilities.. she also doesn't have mitigation, the buff is also pretty short as it only last 2 turns. Rainbow's Robe (Marie TMR) is better for the extra elemental resist if not for the +20% EVO MAG.

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