kyle xy explained

04 Nov kyle xy explained

And modern technology alllows many many more people to see it and feel its awesomness than ever before. Standing on a busy downtown street, he is arrested for being naked, and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. I am so disappointed that the show was cancelled and I think they made a bad decision by doing so!! Please! i love this show to death, and hate the crap out of abc family for heartlessly cancelling this (in contrast to the show, which was so full of emotion). They could have let them make one more episode to bring closure to the fans. <3. It was so amazing. To abc family i say this: we the fans demand to explore. I had seen some of this show when I was younger but had missed the biggining of the series and didn't understand what the story was about at the time,but now with Amazon and netfilcks series like this get a second lease of life and new fans. He could be going around the world doing good and I'm sure everyone would want to see as much of the old cast as possible in the show.Last but not least - the hero does not have to stand alone - you could break the cliche there, too. I hate the ending i want kyle xy back or make a movie! I agree with everyone else. The really do bring it back in the near future anyways kyle xy will live in my heart forever and always, Oh crap is that it!!! please give a better ending. Kyle Xy was an excellent series, had alot of information through the story lines, to keep me interested, and wondering what was going to be happening next, through the seasons. Very relevant even years later. I allways favored an ending with Amanda and kyle toghetwr and starting a family and he veing brilliant and all and doing what is best fot the world. Kyle later helped Stephen try to connect with his comatose father William Trager. Give us viewers what we want; a finale that will close the books on our tortured minds. Kyle and Amanda later meet in the park, where they have their kiss. The series finale, which was written as a season finale, ended on a terrible cliffhanger and left a bitter taste in the mouths of all who invested so much in the show — fans, cast and crew alike. This medium through Kyle is a powerful spiritual educator where Kyle can uncover real-world 'truths' in digestible forms for the common person and our youth and children. I still couldn't let it go . I really like Kyle,declan,and josh they are really cute. He later comes up with a plan to fight back against CIR in order to destroy Madacorp's server. amazing. I watched all 3 seasons in less then a week because I was so addicted to it. They never said why the cancellation was for !!! At least, that's my opinion. Plus, how did Cassidy related to kyle in first place? please bring back kyle xy.....i love the show and miss it bad! A decent ending would be nice...and to all of the actors and cast crew all I can say os good job on playing those charecters I loved it. I watched this this show when it first aired. Tom Foss Seasons 1, 2, 3 First Seen Pilot Last Seen Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Status Alive Portrayed by Nicholas Lea Its just like the firefly/serenity fan-base. They move in together in the house that Adam left for them, and the camera pans away from the house as the sun is setting just in the background, glinting through the windows. KYLE XY is the best show in the world and for ABC to take it off like that that's not fair! So good! If this is the end sad it had to end like this. We loved the show and the characters and really appreciate the positiveness of Kyle in the midst of unethical and even evil people. There are more of us than them. Ever. I would have loved to see this show continue on. I never watched it when it was on. I am still in the grieving stage of being mad that it got prematurely cancelled. Such a move may serve as a way to appease the fans, new and old, without the expense of filming. Surely the ABC Family could find other ways of making the series profitable again! he also finds out that his best friend decklen and sister lori finally got it together and were getting married...kyle tells them he needs people he trusts to help him run latnock josh is becoming a doctor as planned and lories sentisism as usual allows her to read people and find out if they are truly trust worthy and they all have abilities that will help in every field of running latnok so in the end of the show it is the tragers united against the world to obtain scientific research that will fundimentally change the world in only good ways. I have a suggestion to the script writers. The director Lou Daniels notices that Kyle is strange for more t… Well as I read earlier..a tv network is basically a business corporation..they lost money in a show..bad biz..say bye my theory is to everyone start up the "bring kyle xy back" rant and somehow inspire or enrich enough people to not watch abc network for one consecutive month and continue rants I bet the show would get back to being cut filed printed and filmed ;-).

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