rogue lineage classes

04 Nov rogue lineage classes

Percentages may change depending on your race, as you cannot roll the same race twice in a row.The following percentages were taken from a non-rollable race. Rogue Lineage Description. Rogue Lineage Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1 Base Classes 2 Super Classes 3 Ultra Classes 4 Uber Classes You can only have 1 sub-class. Base Classes are the first classes you will need in order to get super classes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Since this violates Roblox ToS, nobody is responsible for helping you if you get scammed out of an account. Classes. 1. Neutral 1.1. Warrior 1.3. The probabilities shown are based on your current race, since you cannot roll the same race twice. Spear 1.4. The basic skills of every class excluding Bard can be utilized. A basic melee fighter class, destined for more specialization in weapons and to wear heavy or light armor. In alternative to progressing to an ultra, you can progress to 2 supers. Uber Classes are the next step of progression after Ultra Classes, and can be obtained in Khei. Classes (or sub-classes)are secondary classes that can be learned alongside primary classes. At level 20, the Human Fighter must choose to be either a damage-based Warrior, a stealthy Rogue, or a defense-based Human Knight. Note: Orderly & Chaotic is different then Purity & Corruption (Check Alignment) Chance of attaining each race upon first joining the game. A fan made trello about the roblox game Rogue Lineage. Fighter (Lv 1-19). Members. Note: Orderly & Chaotic is different then Purity & Corruption (Check Alignment) === Spear Classes === Pit Fighter Dragon Knight Church Knight Dragon Slayer Deep Knight Dragon Rider | … People are clearly aware of the Alt account trading going on here. Mage 1.2. These classes are known as hybrids. Thief A fan made trello about the roblox game Rogue Lineage. This is also considered black marketing, and can result in a 2 week chat ban according to the rules of the Wiki. Classless ( Brawler ) 1.5. Contrary to popular belief, Vampire is not a race. There are currently 4 sub-classes in the game. This includes any wiki, discord, or ingame staff. WARNING: XP does not count if you attack a decomposed Scroom or a house member.

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