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04 Nov u boat game tips

© Valve Corporation. 05/05/2019. For Example: Weather Fog. Show items tagged with all of the selected terms: Click here to learn more about Steam Guides. UBOAT Console Commands and Cheats. Hi guys, this is the first guide I've ever made for anything. The AOB (Labeled as "Course" Tool) works off of what you see relative from your boat. This guide will help you to understand the basics of crew management system. 1) Heart Attack: A radioman can then heal them and get XP, something they rarely get. The part of the tool you manipulate is supposed to mimic the Angle on the Bow that you see. For Example: XP 100000 Wound – Damage you sailors. Turned on searchlights reveal the position of the vessel to a greater extent than it increases its view range. Put the gear in reverse if you are worried that you might miss or ram your goal. In reality you are reversing away from that area and if everything goes to plan you will miss the depth charges, 1) From the rear (stern) at a slight angle, 2) From the left or right (port or starboard respectively). Explosions of depth charges make your ship undetectable to sonar for some time. Do not engage with planes or corvettes (atleast at the start of your game) Weitere Offiziere Kaufen für die Forschung - Oben Rechts und dann auf HQ Verbesserungen müssen Erforscht werden mit Offizieren an Land im HQ und diese kann man später verbauen. 3) When you are confident the plane has made it's final adjustments (they do it relatively late) pause the game and switch the speed from Forward 4 to Reverse 4. Through the game, you will need to manage different mechanics and to make things more fun you can use the console … Such lighting makes it easier for the eyes... Enemy ships carry a limited number of depth charges. However weight it up against how much speed you will lose on the turn and if you have time to make it up. How to travel long distances, best way to manage crew while crossing the Atlantic etc. XP Any number – Add expirience to your crew on board. Budget [Any Number] - Add some money. When they are exhausted, there is a good chance that they will withdraw from submarine hunting. and it's subsim game...whats more tricks tips you want, a sub is sub...dont know try to play SH series...or maybe like some say: Cold water is a great ssub sim game..hahahaha Last edited by Pocket; Apr 3, 2019 @ 8:35am #3. bigbadvuk. Es lohnt sich viele Offiziere an Board zu haben da … If your boat is submerged at periscope depth during bad weather, consider sending an engineer to the depth steers station. Per facilitarne la consultazione si trattano solo le beta stabili del software, tralasciando le versioni in test ... UBoat Version: B127 Preview 1 (at time of writing) Save after every mission (trust me you need to do this) 2. Leak - Create random leak on you U-BOAT. 2) Travel straight or with a few degrees of rudder at forward 4 (I found the deceleration better at Forward 4 better than forward 5). If the night is dark, consider turning on the red lighting inside your uboat. Teleport Any 2 number – Teleport you U-boat on entered coordinates, For West long use “-number” Torpedo – Launch torpedo on selected target. it is a world war 2 simulation strategy game where players need to manage a submarine crew through different missions. Basic tips and tricks to playing the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 3. be aware of your food situation, always buy enough food. 1 Mission - Der Offizier ist noch am beladen von Torpedos in die Rohre deswegen kann man noch welche Nachkaufen und auch Diesel ist nicht voll aufgetankt .

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